Between the Shadow and Me: a Dragon Age 2 fanfic part II
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Between the Shadow and Me: a Dragon Age 2 fanfic
Title: Between the Shadow and Me
Rating: Mild M for language, non-graphic sexuality and mature themes
Warnings: Spoilers for the entire game, but I guess that goes without saying. Also, it’s pretty dark, just so you know.
Genre: Character study, psychology, drama, hints of romance and bucketloads of angst.
Length: ~11K
Pairing: Anders/m!Hawke, with an emphasis on age difference

Summary: When Anders first met Julian Hawke, the boy was nothing but a wide-eyed teen with a crush. Seven years later, Julian became the almighty Champion of Kirkwall – and what did Anders turn into?

Disclaimer: Dragon Age isn’t mine. If it were, I would have given it more development time.

Beta’d by the wonderful tersa, one of the most active people in the Dragon Age fandom on LJ.

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Julian Hawke
A couple of screenshots of my mageboy from DA2, whose interaction with Anders is the main theme of my soon-to-be-posted fic Between the Shadow and Me...

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Wrath and the Maiden: a Dragon Age fanfic
Title: Wrath and the Maiden (a one-act play for two actors and two chairs)
Rating: T, I’d suppose – no sex&violence, but dark themes abound.
Spoilers: For the entire Origins campaign (with a special focus on Mage Origin) and partially for Awakening.
Genre: Psychology, character study, drama
Pairing: Technically none, but past relationships and unrequited feelings are all over the place.
Length: ~9000
Summary: Many years after the Blight, Alim Surana, Warden Commander of Ferelden and Arl of Amaranthine, calls his old friend Leliana, now adventurer in service of the Crown, to ask for one last favour.

Disclaimer: Dragon Age isn't mine. If it were, it would include more talk and less fighting.

Beta’d by the fantastic and ever-helpful bellaknoti – the fandom’s favourite comma fairy.

As usual, thanks to my best friend (who still doesn't have her own account) for creative ideas and constructive criticism during the writing process, and to my boyfriend, for supporting me in my obsessions.

And a special nod to honorableshadow, who shares the aesthetic appreciation of m!Suranas in Wings of Velvet robes.

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Of Heroes and Fools: a Dragon Age fanfic
After lurking on various Dragon Age LJ communities for several months, I finally managed to gather up the courage and come out with my own piece of fanfiction.

And since it’s my first fic ever, needless to say that right now I feel like a teenager on her first date. Oh boy.

Title: Of Heroes and Fools
Rating: M for sexuality and dark themes.
Spoilers: For the entire Origins campaign, obviously.
Genre: Psychology, character study, drama
Pairing: m!Cousland/Zevran. But it’s much more complicated than that.
Length: ~9000
Summary: Portrayal of an unusual hero, unhealthy relationships and a love triangle gone wrong, given through Zevran’s eyes.

Disclaimer: Dragon Age isn’t mine. If it were, it would include many more dialogue options…

Author’s Notes: First, thanks to my beta, bellaknoti, for shaping this thing into proper English.

Second, thanks to my best friend (who stubbornly refuses to create her own LJ account, even though it was her who taught me the art of lurking) and especially my boyfriend for being supportive and providing constructive feedback, even when I started behaving in a completely obsessive manner.

And finally, kudos to mistiqarts for her illustration - you can see her artwork here

Edit: Now also has a fanmix made for a fanmix contest over there at swooping_is_bad, with stunningly awesome cover art by Shunkarion

It was Zevran alone who knew what kind of a rotten heart the Warden was hiding behind that shining armor of his.Collapse )

First entry...
Well, after several years of regular lurking on communities and people's accounts here on LJ, I finally decided to create my own account.

Mostly because as an anonymous guest I couldn't access any longer all those lovely things I was interested in.

Which might tell you a bit about my interests, but oh well.

Perhaps I'll post something about myself one day, if I'm in the mood...


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